What Makes a Luxury Home?

Mon, 20 Mar 2017


Some luxury home builders Perth may say that the definition of a luxury home is based on the size, and use of extravagant materials. But a true builder of a luxurious residence would beg to differ. There's more to a home than just the structure, after all.

A luxury home is defined by its architectural significance, superior and unique design, considerations for comfort, and a great location. When these criteria are not met, a building would appear to be lacking, regardless of how grand it looks. Well, it may get it right on grandeur and elegance, but all wrong on other factors.

Considering the average cost of such a home to more than your usual project home, you, as a homeowner, would not settle for anything less. This is why every aspect of the construction work should be taken into account, and VM Building knows exactly how to do that. After all, they are among the best prestige builders Perth has.


What makes a great location?


When it comes to luxury houses, a prime location would be oceanfront, riverside, or a big city penthouse in a prestigious neighbourhood. A rural acreage with a stream or pond would also fit the bill, since it will provide a great backdrop for a luxury home to complement the landscape setting.

Regardless of which location you choose, expect the price to be commensurate with the location. In fact, land for a luxury home would set you back anywhere from half a million to over a million. It will however be a worthy investment if you hire the best luxury home builders Perth has to offer.


So whats a luxurious design?


It's not as much as the intricacy of the design, but the fact that it is created by an exceptional design team with an experience for innovation and unique concepts. These days, a luxury design is no longer just for a sophisticated look, but how it brings together all elements that work with the times and with considerations for the future.


What is a suitable size for a luxurious home?


You'd be surprised to know that bigger no longer translates to grand and opulent. The trend today is an efficient home that doesn't waste energy in heating and cooling, but is cosy, well-appointed and a superior choice of materials. According to our great design team, size no longer matters in building a luxury home.


Choice of materials?


It depends on the degree of luxury involved. But luxury standards include the use of quality timber and stone, elaborate bathrooms and living spaces, quality coverings and appliances.

Luxury is no longer just big and ostentatious. It's more in a sense that VM Building knows how to define base on your needs and wants. With a team of prestige builders Perth, you can trust VM Building to custom-build a home that meets all the your criteria and make it luxurious. Christopher and Robert Agostino are here to answer your questions about getting into your dream build. You will be surprised at how much value you actually get from a quality builder.


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