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Having a home is a major accomplishment for anyone. But buying one off a property listing just doesn't have that level of rewarding experience that custom homes bring. There's something wonderful and fulfilling about a house built with your visions and stamp on it. So when it's time to make your own nest, get in touch with our our expert team. Our Award Winning Projects

Why custom homes are better

Have the flexibility to build as you please

Custom-built. Bespoke. Tailor-fitted. They all the mean same in the sense that they offer a choice for you to be different. With custom homes, you mix different styles and plans that meet and support your needs. Since no two people have the exact same taste, you can bet that your home will be uniquely you. 

Have choices, lots of them

Since you're not confined to standards set by builders, you get to choose just about everything about your home, from the doorknob to the colour of the roof tiles. Imagine having that kind of freedom. It is your home, after all, so you should have full control of what goes into it. And this is exactly what custom home builders can guarantee.

Enjoy satisfaction with your choices

It's one thing to love a house because it looks good, and another to love it because it has your style, creativity, and taste all over it. Nothing could be more satisfying than that. Sure, the builders did all the work, but they did it because you wanted them to build your home the way you want it.

Single Storey Homes


Double Storey Homes

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What VM Building Guarantees

  • Create plans according to a client's wishes and specifications 
  • Build a home that is unique and specific to the site
  • Build single-family homes, either in single storey or double storey
  • Build high-end homes
  • Style & Quality

Many say that custom homes are expensive, and rightfully so. Considering what you will get from custom builders, you know that you're making a good investment. A home should not be a house that someone else designed, but a personalised one.

Work with VM Building 

VM Building delivers the best custom built homes in Perth, WA. You can rely on us to cater to your needs for when you want a house built that is one of a kind. With over 6 decades of combined experience in the building industry and a commitment to make a dream home become a reality, we can deliver a property that is uniquely your own. View Our Awards